I Would Like To Invite You To Connect With The Highest Light And Love, The Love Of God, And Be Part Of A Movement To Spread Love Around The World


I would like you to do something extra-ordinary – to link with God and Divine Love and Light, and bring through the higher vibration and energy of Divine Love to share with the world. It will delight and astound you, transform your life for the better, and touch others and the world.


As spiritual people, we know the importance of bringing greater love to the world, to heal and transform the planet.
We all long to be loved. WE WOULD LIKE OUR LIVES TO BE FILLED WITH LOVE.  We also want meaning and purpose to our lives. We want to feel that what we are doing here is making a difference. What if you could connect with the Love of God / Divine / Creator, and fill yourself with divine love and light, and spread this love and light to others and the world?

I would like to invite you to embark on a rare and precious journey – reconnecting with God / Love / Unity, in all its glory, experiencing this incredible, moving, beautiful Divine Love yourself, and helping to spread this energy to the planet, for the highest good of all. Does this appeal to you?

My name is Darren Linton.  For the past 15 years, I have been helping people all around the world to connect with angels, archangels and masters.  They have received loving energies and guidance, which has enhanced their lives.  I was given a highly effective yet simple step by step process by the angels which makes it EASY for virtually ANYONE to connect and communicate with the angels, and receive angelic energies, messages and guidance for themselves and others.  The process works. It has been my honour and privilege to help many receive this angelic support. Huge numbers of people around the world have connected with their angels using this process. The work has reached thousands of people in over 50 countries across all continents in all corners of the world.

Recently, I was taken (by the higher realms) through another step by step process – this time of reconnecting with God, Divine Love, Pure Light – cleansing my entire being, filling me with divine love and light, communicating directly with God / Creator / Source. The results were incredible.

I felt old blocks and issues melt away and disappear, I had more energy, felt happier, freer, more loving – the changes were remarkable.  I began receiving higher and more wonderful guidance than ever before. I received inspiration about elevating my work, and helping greater numbers of people around the world in new and higher ways. Work flowed more smoothly and easily. I became more abundant, and free. My life improved in every aspect. Not surprisingly when I was filled with the highest Divine Love and Wisdom!
The process was beautiful, awe-inspiring, and totally transformative.

After experiencing it myself, the angels and the Source asked me to share this process with the world. Just as I had shared the process for connecting with angels, I was asked to share this process for connecting with God and Divine Love, so that many more of us can bring these higher energies to the planet. By accessing these higher energies, and sharing this moving and beautiful divine love and light with the world, we can help to lift the vibration of the world, and help the ascension of the planet into the unfolding new golden age.


Why are we here on the planet? We are not just human beings, we are spiritual beings / souls living an earthly life.  Many people believe in past lives – that we have lived many lives before. Each lifetime we come here to learn and grow as souls, on our journey of growth. We also come here to help others, fulfil our mission, and help to make the world a better place. This is especially true in these transformational times (2012 and beyond) as the earth moves into a what many believe is a time of transition and emergence into a new golden age.

So the real purpose of our life here is to:

  • Learn lessons, grow and develop to our highest potential as souls – become wiser, more loving, enlightened beings
  • To help others, use our gifts and talents in service of the world, fulfil our destiny, to make a difference while we are here on the planet.

Even most religions would say that during our lives, we should seek to become the best we can be, and to help others.
Opening up to higher love – reconnecting with God and the Light – is an obvious and important part of our own development, and also a means of accessing our highest and best, and contribute our gifts and service to the world, with love, in service.

There is broad agreement that what the world needs is more love – that love and light and truth are the answers to the problems of the world. And that we can bring more love to the world, by opening up to greater (divine) love ourselves, and sharing this with others.

In terms of the development and ascension of the planet, we are here to bring greater love to the world, to bring Heaven (divine love) to Earth. Especially during these transformational times, one could say there is nothing more important that you can do with your life than help to bring greater love to yourself and the world, and let the love and light of God illuminate your life, and work through you to help transform the world. This is holy work!

This is why linking with God and Divine Love and Light, and bringing through the higher vibration of and energy of Divine Love to share with the world is so critically important for you, for others you will touch, and for the world.

I would like to invite you to join a very special course (see below) to receive the highest, purest, most beautiful Divine Love and Light, for the benefit of yourself, others and the world.


Perhaps your journey in life so far has led you to the point where you are open to, and would like to receive Higher Love?  See if any of the following resonate with you.

Would you like to:

  • Feel loved by God – be filled with Love – have your life be filled with Love
  • Be healed on all levels
  • Have greater energy each day
  • Be filled with inner peace, love, and happiness
  • To share this love and make a difference to others
  • Open to your highest potential and highest divine gifts
  • Resolve problems, issues, and blocks in your life
  • Evolve your life to a higher level – filled with greater love, miracles, flow, and blessings
  • Find your true self, path and place in the world
  • Discover why you may feel different to others, and may have been looking for ‘something more’ to life
  • Achieve rapid spiritual growth
  • Discover why you may have studied healing and spiritual matters, and why you have experienced  all you have done so far in life
  • Connect with angels, archangels, masters, God, divine Love and Light – feel bliss, love, light, healing, higher inspiration?
  • Reconnect with the God head – achieve the highest possible potential growth for your soul – maybe even end the cycle of birth and death, so you do not have to come back to earth again.
  • Be filled with the Light of God, and see your life transformed for the better
  • Contribute your highest and best – help others and make a difference to the world

If you answered YES to some of these, then this course may be for you.

I am not promising you a mystical experience, for one weekend only, that leaves you yearning for more as you return to your normal life. I am offering you CONTINUOUS mystical experiences, daily, building a permanent connection to the divine, that touches you heart, soul and being (and life) every day. It is your divine birthright. You can learn how to tap into Divine Love and Light and Source Inspiration DAILY, and allow it to help you transform your life for the better, and the lives of others and the world.


My experience with spiritual people is that, once people become interested in angels, masters, God, the divine, and may have even had a taste of it, they long for more. They long to be able to connect with the divine regularly – to tap into that higher, pure loving and healing energy, and to be able to receive messages and guidance, for themselves, and for others.  They are drawn, like a moth to a light bulb, and rightly so, for this light is the Light of God. They long to feel this divine love.

Beloved Ones

You have no idea of the depth of the love we have for each and every one of you, or of the power and beauty of the energies that await you when you return to the pure light, even if only briefly in meditation. It is an indescribable beauty. We long to share this with you. It awaits you all – not just some, all of you.

Like a mother bursting with love for her baby, we long to embrace you in our loving arms again, to make you feel loved, whole, reconnected once again.

Never before in this history of mankind has it been so easy for so many to return to the light, and to this bliss / Divine Love, if you know how.

This course offers a step by step guide which, with a little effort and practice, will allow you to reconnect with the divine as never before, to cleanse and illuminate the deepest fabric of your being, to experience more bliss and divine love than you ever knew possible.

This is why we have taken Darren through this process for himself, and asked him to share this route back to reconnecting with Divine Love with all who are interested.

With Great Love
The angels, beings of light, and the Divine

To ‘come home’ to God and the light, experience pure bliss, divine love, unity, oneness, and be able to access higher guidance for one’s life, and to help others, is an experience not to be missed, and to be treasured, even if only once. To be able to do this DAILY, and watch Divine Love transform your own life, and through you, the lives of others, is indescribably wonderful.  It is THIS that I am offering to you here.

God / Divine Love is calling you. Would you like to accept the invitation?

Would you like to remain separated, isolated, alone, or become part of a wave of love and light and higher wisdom and consciousness sweeping across the planet?

I would like to invite you to join this Divine Love course, experience the beauty and bliss of Divine Love, transform your life for the better, and the lives of those around you, enhance your work, and help spread Divine Love across the planet.


Many years ago, I had a vision of thousands of lights all over the earth, radiating light to the world. I knew that these lights were spiritual people, sending light and love out into the world. These beacons of lights would be touching all around them, and together raising the energy and vibration of the whole world.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of these lights, radiating the highest vibrations of pure light and the love of God to the world?  Many of you are doing so already, but the purpose of this course is to help you go far beyond where you are already, and develop a more all-embracing Love, God, Unity, consciousness and connection with the divine, which will transform your life, and those around you. It is difficult to put this into words – the grace, beauty, sublime bliss love of God, and the energies transmitted are beyond words – you’ll just have to experience it for yourself to find out.
I would like to invite you to join us in becoming one of these beacons of light to the world.

You have a sacred mission here divine child. You chose to incarnate on the earth at this time in order to achieve the remarkable spiritual growth that is possible during these times, and to assist the transformation of the planet. You have a part to play that nobody else can fulfil. You have gifts and abilities beyond your current imagination awaiting to be awakened and used in love and service of  others and the earth. The divine wants you to awaken and use your highest gifts for the greatest good of all.

Allow your life to be guided by the divine, so that greater love, miracles, joy, and contribution to others and the highest good of the world can flow through you. Live in greater peace, harmony, truth, love and service.

You are loved unconditionally by God. You are a child, of God – you carry the spark of God within you. God and the angels want you to awaken your divinity – open to love, truth, light clarity, unity. Heal yourself of your lower human suffering and awaken to the love of the divine for you. Fill yourself with this love and light, and let it pour forth from your heart and every cell of your being, to illume others and the world. Become a beacon of the light and love of the divine, spreading love on earth wherever you go, whatever you do.


You are welcome to enjoy this free sample meditation, to gain a small taste of what is in store. You may only experience a little at this stage. As your energies and connections grow over time on the course, you will feel the effects and energies of the meditations far more strongly. Try it now and see if you can feel some positive energies at this stage:


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I hope you enjoyed the sample meditation. I also hope you will consider joining this unique course – details below.


What could you gain from taking this new divine love course?

  • Reconnect with Divine Love
  • Experience Love, Unity, Oneness, Bliss, being part of the Universe / All
  • Bring Divine Love and Light to the World
  • Spread divine love into all corners of your life
  • Live with greater Peace, Love, and Joy on a daily basis
  • Heal yourself of past issues
  • Receive divine help and magical solutions to problems and challenges in your life
  • Significantly increase your healing powers
  • Build your light, vibration and energies up through various higher levels back to Source
  • Connect with Higher Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, and God
  • Receive messages, guidance, direction, answers to questions, new ideas and divine inspiration which will help to improve every area of your life.
  • Connect with the angels and beings who are here to assist your work, your life, your path, and to help you make a difference to the world
  • Awaken to your Highest Knowledge, Spiritual Abilities and Gifts
  • Contribute your ultimate highest and best to the world – fulfil your divine mission on earth
  • Reconnect with the God-head – Gain access to divine knowledge, understanding, healing, energies, and gain abilities that surpasses normal mortal life
  • Experience greater love, flow, harmony, peace and miracles in all areas of your life
  • Fulfil your soul purpose on earth – grow spiritually, reconnect with the Divine, and play your unique part in assisting the transformation and ascension of the planetWhich of those appeal to you?
  • Explore the higher levels of love and reconnection back with God / Source

These and other benefits will accrue to you during the course, because the divine will provide whatever is needed for you individually during the course (and afterwards).


It will help you:

Open to Love. Release the past. Develop your highest potential and gifts. Come ‘home’ to God. Fill yourself and life with heavenly love, and watch your life become transformed for the better in ways you never imagined. Be filled with peace and divine love and guidance daily. Touch others, develop your contribution, play your part in spreading love and creating a better world for all.

The higher energies of love will enhance and lift the vibration of your work. Your clients will notice the difference. Your work will go to a higher level. Your gifts will expand and your work and path will develop. You will draw new clients and new opportunities to you, helping you spread your work, and spread this light and energy. You will be rewarded for serving the Light.  The Universe WANTS you to carry these higher vibrations of love and light out into the world, in bigger ways.

Increasing your energies and vibration will empower you to function more effectively in the world of work, and in other spheres too. The Divine needs love to spread and touch every corner of society. You can radiate a light, and be a shining example, that touches others around you and transforms the workplace into a place of higher vibration. You will be guided to where you need to be in order to spread greatest light. Your work and career will develop and lead you to the place of greatest growth, happiness and contribution. Your work and career will evolve and be blessed.  If enough people take this new light into the work place, the world of work, then the lives of millions will be transformed.

Can you begin to see the potential of this course?

Expect miracles. Lots of them (both big and small).


Here are some typical quotes from people who have done some of these meditations with me in workshops. The meditations really do work this well! I hear comments like the following all the time:

“The most beautiful meditation I have EVER done.”
Charlotte T

“It was so beautiful l didn’t want to come back.”

“I cannot find the words to do that justice. I’m speechless. Absolutely amazing! Incredible!”
(Linda E, Richard M, and many others)

“I was concerned that as a beginner, it might be difficult, but I was blown away!”
Jane H

“The most beautiful experience of my life. I can’t wait to share this with others.”

“I received such incredible, wonderful energies and messages – that’s why I was moved to tears – they were tears of pure joy – such pure love.”

You’ll never know how wonderful this is until you experience it for yourself.


The course consists of:

  • A monthly module, leading you through the course, step by step, back to the embrace of God.
  • Each module contains exercises, guided meditations, worksheets, and logs, to help you build your divine connection each day, higher and higher during the course. Each module builds upon the last.
  • You also receive one or two guided meditations each month, to accompany each module, and help you further build your connection, step by step.
  • These build into a series of powerful and wonderful meditations – find your favourites, and use them whenever you like. Receive higher energies and guidance, add love, light and wisdom whenever you wish.
  • The meditations and exercises can be used DAILY to help you be filled with love, positive energy and wisdom, to assist you in your development, and with your daily life.
  • The course shows you how to implement the energies in your daily life, so the results become manifest and real.  Includes tips and daily actions you can take which will enhance all areas of your life (and those of others)
  • Review sheets, to help you monitor and review your progress, and the unfolding results and miracles in your life.
  • The support of the Divine throughout – assistance from angels, archangels, masters, legions of light and God / Source.
  • The course builds into a toolbox of powerful meditations, ideas and techniques, which you can use to enhance your spiritual growth and every area of your life.

The course has been designed to be manageable and easy to implement, even for those living busy lives.  One of my students said of my angel course “I look forward to each part of the course – It is like receiving a birthday present every month”



With this programme, you can be one of the pioneers of light, at the forefront of enlightenment on earth.

As one of my advanced students, you can be assured of extra special support, to help you get the most out of the course. I would also welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions, to help ensure the future success and expansion of the course. Your feedback will be invaluable. Will you help?  You can make a difference in helping to enhance the course, and spreading divine love to the world.

The course is over-lighted by the angels, the divine, and God. It is completely safe, enlightening, magical and uplifting.  During over 15 years of my angel work with people – people have only ever experienced joy, love, light, positive energies and inspiration. The course is completely safe and blessed.

Easy step by step approach.  Monthly programme –  grow and develop over time

The course has been designed to be an easy to follow, step by step program. Each month builds upon the last.  As your energy, your connection, and your understanding grow, you will see increasing shifts and improvements in your life. It is like a friend taking you by the hand and leading your forwards. You will look back at the end and be amazed and delighted at what you have accomplished.

Growing connection, divine love, wisdom, light and enlightenment.

The course helps you to increase your energies, greatly expand your light, fill your being with divine love, enable you to tap into higher energies and divine guidance, for yourself and others, on a daily basis. You become filled with love, light and wisdom and continual guidance.

Individually tailored to each soul.

As you are working with angels, higher beings, and Source /God, they will tailor the energies and guidance specifically for each of you. Each of you will receive the healing, energies, connections and messages appropriate for you personally, to help you and your path.

Helping the ascension of the planet.

The angels and higher beings of light are here to assist the ascension of the planet – they are the bridge between earth and heaven. They are here to help us with our lives AND assist the ascension of the world.  By reconnecting with divine love, and bringing these higher divine vibrations and energies to the earth, we not only elevate our own lives, and touch others, but we help to raise the vibration of love for the whole planet.  The angels are God’s helpers and representatives on earth. Through the course we work with angels, archangels, masters, and other higher energies and beings, to help us return to Source, God, Divine Love. By participating in this course, you are helping to raise the energy of the world.

Will bring profound and positive changes to your life.

The course is designed to bring you miracles. Fill yourself with peace and higher love, enjoy greater happiness and joy inside, see the positive effects on your life and all those around you. Watch your life grow and develop, elevated and assisted by greater light, energy and divine love and guidance. Expand what is possible for you and your life. Make a difference to yourself, your family, others and the world. Be a light unto the world.


The course will inspire you to spread this divine love to others. You may receive inspiration about various ways in which you can spread more love to the world, beyond what you may be doing already. By touching and transforming your life, it should help you to touch and transform other lives, and you may receive new inspiration about your work and path.

It is my intention to develop a teaching training course, after completion of this course, so that if you wish, you can then go on to teach this to others. Like reiki, it can then continue to spread and reach more and more people, raising the vibration of the world, and enhancing lives. Teaching the course may be another useful addition to your life and the services you offer. Would you like to help others open to divine love? Once you have learned how to do it for yourself, you will be in a position to learn how to teach and share this with others, if you wish.



To summarize, what you will gain from the course, in a nutshell is:

  • Feeling the love of God / Source.  Feel loved, blessed, happy with life.
  • Greatly expanded energy
  • Messages, guidance, answers, direction in life, new ideas and divine inspiration
  • Magic and Miracles helping every area of your life
  • Toolbox of powerful meditations, ideas and techniques which you can use  to enhance your spiritual growth and all aspects of your life
  • Greater love, happiness, service, abundance, and contribution to others and the world.

And you will be helping to bring greater love to yourself, others and the earth.


A great deal of time, love, energy, and effort is going into creation of this course.  I have been inspired that one day I will create a Not-For-Profit organisation, to help spread all this work around the world. Meanwhile, I need to charge to pay for the cost of creating and delivering this work, building the organisation, and continuing to spread this work around the world. Your contribution will therefore not only be paying for the course, but helping the spread of divine love around the globe.

Some people charge many hundreds or even thousands for such courses.

I have been guided to keep the prices reasonable and affordable, so that the course can reach many people . In future years, I hope to turn all my work into a not-for-profit organisation. For now your love and support (and contribution) is needed to support us during the creation of this work.

I am offering a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind.  You can try the course safe in the knowledge that if, for any reason, in the first 30 days, you decide that you are not delighted with the course, you can cancel and receive a full refund. I want to ensure that you are happy with the course.


Your contribution will cover:

  • 10 Monthly Sessions
  • 10 – 20 Guided Meditations and Connection Processes (1 or 2 each month)
  • Email support, guidance, comments and feedback
  • All the benefits of connecting with Divine Love, and transforming yourself and your life
  • Qualification to undertake teacher training (if desired), subject to successful course completion and feedback.

I have been guided to offer a choice of the following contributions:

In the future, the price may be higher, so please take advantage of these low contributions now.

Low Cost Monthly Plan –  Just £24.99
(US $ 39.99) per month for 10 months


One Payment Option of just £199
(US $319) for the whole course – that’s a 20% discount, saving you approx £50 / $80

I think that is a very small price to pay for a course to connect you and fill you with the highest, purest, most beautiful Divine Love and Light, every day, developing your soul path, and transforming yourself and your life for greater good.

Plus – when you join – I’ll share with you / show you how to gain access to some of the most powerful ascension meditations on the planet, to further assist your development. These special bonuses are being prepared right now.



You will know, in your heart of hearts, if this course appeals and feels right. Are you are longing for more?  Do you wish to connect with the love and light and wisdom of the angels, masters, Christ, God and the Divine?

Your human self may doubt it – will it work? What if it doesn’t work for me? Will it really bring improvements to my life? Can it be as good as it sounds? Is it right for me?  Do not let your doubting mind talk you out of this wonderful opportunity to connect with Divine Love and Light, as never before.  Listen to your heart, your soul, your intuition – trust them. If you need further reassurance, pray and ask for signs, messages and support. Let yourself be guided back to the light.

Check your Truth

This is not something to be entered into lightly – awakening to greater love and light is a gift. Check with your intuition and higher guidance (pray, dowse, ask for signs and guidance) to ensure that this is right for you. God and the angels want to shower you with their love, and help you to awaken and grow. Does it feel right?

Invite Your Friends

My dear friends, this is a wonderful opportunity not only for you, but perhaps for others you know too. Please invite others to consider this course too.  It can be helpful to do the course together with a friend, so you can discuss the ideas and support one another, if you know of another who may be interested. Perhaps others might be interested too?  If you do the course on your own, as most probably will do, know that you will receive all the help you need from above.

You can begin the course at any time. It will assist you in moving into the new phase of higher energies and life on the planet, following the key transition date to the new era of 21 December 2012 and beyond. To join this program, simply enrol below.

God, the Angels, the Masters and the Beings of Light who are waiting to work with you welcome you and look forward to assisting you, beloved soul. I will also do my very best to assist you on this path of growth, awakening, reconnecting with love, reawakening your gifts, enlightenment, and divine service to others and the world.


PS – This course could change the future of your life … You may not come across too many chances in life to awaken to your gifts, your path, your light, the real reason you are on the earth. Don’t you want to discover the answers?


You can be one of the pioneers of light – at the forefront of enlightenment on earth. Be the first to help bring and spread Divine Love to the world through this new course.

PPS  Invitation from Source / God

My Beloved Ones
I thank you for taking this time to consider how to reconnect with me.

For eons of time man has tried to connect with the divine – through religions, ceremonies, sacred meditations, sacrifices, the use of certain drugs to aid connection – it has been a quest for thousands of years. A few have claimed to be the chosen ones, who can communicate with God, and told everyone else how to live. Some have been my prophets, and have delivered wise words.  Millions have prayed and been moved by answers to their prayers. Yet communicating with me has been deemed for the chosen few only.

The earth is going through a great transition. Mankind is emerging from separation consciousness and being invited to return to unity consciousness – remembering that you are spiritual beings permanently connected to the divine, and part of All / One. The future of the planet depends on a mass reawakening of these divine truths – you are spiritual beings, connected to me, God, Light, Love, Truth, and intricately connected to everything else in the universe. This consciousness, and allowing divine love to flow through you all, will transform the world and life on earth, and allow the ascension of the earth, and beyond.

I invite you to awaken further (you are on the way, or you would not be reading this). I invite you to reconnect further with the Light, Divine Love, Truth, Radiance, Oneness.  Allow the Light and Love of God to light you up, like a Christmas Tree, spreading love and joy and hope to the world. Allow Divine Love and Wisdom to pour through every fabric of your being, and guide your daily thoughts, actions and consciousness. Come home to Love. Come home to God. Come home to me at last. Feel my love for you, for everyone, for all living beings, and for planet earth. Let me work with you and through you, so that together we can bring positive changes – peace, love, a better future for all – to the Earth.

This course before you is but one means of reconnecting with myself, Love and Light. Give it your consideration. Feel in your heart and soul if it is right for you. Trusting your inner guidance is increasingly important in these times of great change, for they are guiding you for your highest good, and guiding you back to Love and Light and Truth and Peace, and all that is good and pure.